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OnePlus Watch has Received an Update that Enhances GPS Speed and Accuracy

OnePlus Watch

Due to software difficulties, the OnePlus Watch didn’t have a seamless launch, as many consumers claimed. OnePlus, on the other hand, was fast to fix many of these technical issues, and while there’s still a lot of work to be done, the smartwatch’s software is slowly but steadily being patched up.

The most recent OnePlus Watch update focused on efficiency, although there were also some upgrades to the built-in GPS. Update B.62 is now rolling out to OnePlus Watch users around the world in stages, so if you don’t see it straight away, wait a few days. What you can expect from this update is as follows:


  • Improve the look of several dials by improving the design details and adding information like the date.
  • Make some UI buttons more intuitive and convenient to operate by rearranging their layout.
  • The newly developed volume control function allows for easier and more easy adjusting.
  • Improve the camera’s remote control interface.

OnePlus Watch


  • GPS positioning accuracy and speed have been improved.

You may now enter the watch face editing mode by long-pressing on the watch face. To avoid any issues during the upgrade, make sure the battery on your OnePlus Watch is at least 40% charged.

“The watch continues to short me on my runs by a good 20%,” Nick writes in his evaluation of the Watch. We’ll have to wait and see if this update resolves some of the GPS placement concerns.

The B.62 upgrade will begin rolling out today and will be delivered via OTA. To avoid any potential issues during the upgrade process, OnePlus recommends charging the Watch to at least 40% before attempting to install it.

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