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Nokia New Phones are ready to Launch, Check in Details

Nokia Tablet

Nokia, a brand of HMD Global, has just unveiled two new phones that the firm claims are built to last a long time. The Nokia XR20 and Nokia C30 were designed with Nokia’s new motto in mind: “Love it, Trust It, Keep It.” This means that Nokia’s new smartphones will come with years of software and security updates. As a result, you should be able to keep your phones for longer.

Let’s have a look at the brand new Nokia phones.

Nokia XR20 

The Nokia XR20 is the company’s first “life-proof” smartphone. That is to say, it is built to last, both in terms of hardware and software. The phone is built to military specifications, specifically the MIL-STD-810H. The device also has an IP68 rating for water resistance.

This means that this phone can withstand drops, water, and dust without being damaged. When it gets soiled, Nokia even encourages you to clean it with cleaning soap. The new mobile can work in temperatures ranging from +55 to -22 degrees Celsius, for 1 hour underwater, and drops of up to 1.8 metres.

What’s interesting about the Nokia XR20’s design is that, despite being built to be rough, it doesn’t look like your typical rugged phone. Sure, it’s built of rubberized and sturdy materials, and it’s somewhat thick, but its overall appearance blends in with non-rugged smartphones, which is a great touch.

On this device, the fingerprint scanner is located on the phone’s side. Furthermore, the device by Nokia XR20 appears to include an additional programmable button on its top, which gives the phone further functionality.

The tough-as-nails Nokia also includes additional loud sound audio systems with OZO playback expertise, and according to the brand, its phone can compete with modest Bluetooth audio systems and even outperform them. Extremely Blue and Granite are two possible colour options for the Nokia XR20.

Cameras and the show

The Nokia XR20’s display screen is a 6.67-inch LCD panel with FHD+ resolution. It will have a lot of gleams, with a peak brightness of 550 nits, similar to Nokia’s, but it will only have a 60Hz refresh rate. As previously mentioned, the display screen is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus, which should withstand most of the drops you can throw at it.

Even though it is a hard phone, the bezels on its display are rather modest, especially when compared to other rugged competitors such as the recently released Motorola Defy.

The Nokia XR20 comes with a dual-camera setup that includes a 48MP primary camera and a 13MP ultra-wide digicam. The cameras are equipped with ZEISS lenses and OZO Spatial Audio capture with wind-noise cancellation.

This cellphone includes both a dual-tone LED flash and a single LED flash, which is interesting to know. This means you’ll be able to rely on one of the brightest spotlights ever included in a phone. The front camera is an 8MP punch-hole device in the centre, which is a little underwhelming considering that most phones nowadays have 32MP selfie shooters.

Price, release date, and availability

The device by Nokia,  Nokia XR20 will start at 40,309 INR and will be available on the company’s online store in the United States. 

Nokia C30 Design 

HMD International’s newest addition to its C series entry-level handsets. The  C30 Design boasts both the largest battery and display ever housed in a Nokia branded smartphone. The C30, unsurprisingly, features a plastic, conservative appearance that doesn’t do much to impress. With a weight of 237g and a thickness of 9.9mm, it’s a little on the thick and heavy side.

The phone has a teardrop-shaped notch on the front and a large back bezel. Its back sports a little digicam bump in the centre, with the fingerprint scanner beneath it.

Cameras and the show

Nokia’s largest smartphone display screen is a 6.82-inch LCD panel with HD+ resolution. This does not seem remarkable, but keep in mind that the C30 is a budget phone.

The Nokia C30 sports a dual-camera system that includes a 13MP primary camera and a 2MP depth sensor. A 5MP digicam with a teardrop fashion style serves as the entry digicam.

Efficiency, storage, software, and battery are all factors to consider.

The Nokia C30 is equipped with a Unisoc SC9863A processor and two or three gigabytes of RAM. Because this processor isn’t a powerhouse, the C30 runs Android 11’s Go version, which is optimised for lower-specced entry-level devices.

The storage capacity is 32 or 64GB. 

The battery life category is where the Nokia C30 shines the brightest. The budget-friendly smartphone comes with a large 6,000mAh battery that, according to Nokia, may last up to three days. Although the phone does not support fast charging, you will not run out of battery power quickly.

Price, release date, and availability

The Nokia C30 costs around €99 and will be available in select locations around the world starting July 27.

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