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iOS 15 is official: Release Date and all the Important New Features

iOS 15

Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, and a slew of other Apple execs revealed iOS 15 on stage in the first keynote at WWDC 2021. After last year’s paradigm-shifting iOS 14 upgrade, which brought widgets and an app gallery to the iPhone, iOS 15 feels more laid-back, focusing on the essentials and aiming to improve the core iOS experience without introducing any unnecessary fluff. Furthermore, iOS 15 isn’t bashful about updating core OS features like Do Not Disturb.

iOS 15 isn’t a particularly thrilling software update, based on my limited experience with it. Apple has aware of this and will not force iOS users to install it, marking the first time an iOS update has not make mandatory.

iOS 15: When will it be Released?

This, like every other iOS upgrade, will arrive in the fall on all eligible devices. When Apple delivers its new iPhone in June, it always includes the final iOS upgrade. The iPhone 13 family is slated to be introduced in 2021. We’re virtually certain that iOS 15 will be published alongside it.

The developer-focused version of the iOS 15 beta is already available. If you have an Apple developer account, you can get it. If not, the public beta will be available to all daring iOS users next month.

The Most Essential New Features in iOS 15

As previously stated, iOS 15 enhances a number of basic iOS functionality. Given that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, video calling has become increasingly important, which makes the numerous enhancements to Face Time less surprising.

Face Time video chats, for example, are about to become a lot more natural, comfortable, and lifelike.

The software now supports spatial audio, allowing discussions to flow as naturally as they would while speaking face to face. Speech isolation is another cool new feature that favors your voice above the ambient white noise. There’s a new grid view to liven up the UI, as well as portrait mode, which blurs the scene behind you intelligently. It’s all good.

Another uniqueness allows you to participate in group activities. It’s called Share Play, and it enables to listen to songs on Apple Music together, watch a TV show or movie together, or share your screen to view apps together. Anyone in a Share Play session can play, pause, or leap forward thanks to shared playback controls.

Finally, after years of waiting for the app to go cross-platform. Android and Windows users will be able to participate in all of the Face Timing fun. Well, it didn’t, but Android and Windows PC users will be able to participate in a web-based version of the video call, which is a reasonable compromise from Apple. In this dedicated piece, we go through all of Face Time’s new features.

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