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Google Maps for iOS now updated

Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS now has a trio of new capabilities, according to Google. Widgets for the app are one of the features, which we previously mentioned shortly before the end of last month. Two Google Maps widgets are provided, one of which displays real-time traffic conditions in a given location.

 New features added to the iOS version of Google Maps by Google.

When you’re going to leave for work or school, go shopping, or intend to drive somewhere, the traffic widget comes in useful. On iOS, the second Google Maps widget allows you to search for and navigate to one of your favorite destinations. It’s as simple as using the widget on your iPhone’s Home Screen to acquire this information.

You want others to know where you are just in case you don’t show up for work tomorrow. One can share your location using iMessage; tap on the Google Maps button.  Location will be shared for one hour by default, and up to as long as three days.

Ending the sharing of your location is as easy as tapping the “stop” button on the thumbnail.

Announcement of Dark Mode

Now, Dark Mode will be available for the iOS version of Google Maps in the coming weeks. Instead of black text on a white background, Dark Mode displays white text on a dark background. This can help you avoid straining your eyes, especially if you’re in a dark room or at night. Dark Mode can also help save battery life on phones with OLED screens. Because the dark color is created on such a panel by turning a pixel off, which does not consume power from the battery.

We recently told about a study conducted by Purdue University (go Boilermakers!).  On certain devices running stock Android on a bright day. The power savings utilizing Dark Mode is just about 9% at average brightness levels. To enable Dark Mode, go to Settings, pick Dark Mode, and turn it on.

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