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New Apple Air pods 3 are ready to launch

Apple Airpods 3

New Apple Airpods 3 are ready to launch

Apple air pods are ready to launch with a different style. The company has decided to launch these air pods with a series of 13 phones. Apple is always ready to present its products in a very unique style. At this time there is also a change in the style of Ipods. New iPods just look like Apple iPod pro. They added an option of silicon removable earbuds which were missing in the earlier designs of iPods.

Attractive features of  Apple Airpods

Now, these AirPods are packed with special hardware which was missing in the previous designs of Airpods along with new different features. Stem-styled buds seem to be shorter this time again as like the previous one. Tips of earbuds are replaceable and made of silicon which gives quite a good noise cancellation option. Few features of it are not revealed yet so we have to wait for its launch.

Apple Airpods 3


Price of Airpods 3 and Features

As per the announcement of the company New Airpods are likely to be cheaper this time with the same design as earlier it was. The new Airpods have interchangeable tips along with smaller chargeable cases. The interesting thing about these AirPods is they come up with a noise cancellation option which is a new gift for the music lover as they will enjoy their music with more peace.

It is said that these AirPods are expected to be 18,185 INR which is quite cheaper. It seems that the price of these AirPods is 20% cheaper than the Airpods pro.

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