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Line-up of Apple iPhone with Pro-focused Camera

Apple iPhone

Are you rely on Apple iPhone’ camera for better pictures? Yes,  iPhone has always had a unique picture quality, and now it’s getting more unique because it is going to line- up with Pro focused camera along with better video quality. These upcoming features which surely going to attract the market. In the video category, iPhone has played well by brought an amazing option of portrait mode which will deliver the best ever video experience to the user.

In this portrait mode, the camera has a catchy option of recording video in a high-quality format called ProRes. Moreover, it got paired with a cool filter which improves the look and colors of pictures according to the user. The features of the camera might be an attraction point for the upcoming 12 s camera which will be on sale in the coming weeks.


The iPhone series camera has also get upgraded. Last year iPhone had changed its design and added a 5g wireless networking along with it, it also upgraded the camera’s hardware. Whereas, this year company will continue with the same Pro dimension of the screen along with their designs.

New iPhones will include the fastest A15 chip with a smaller notch. It will also provide the fastest refresh rate which delivers a smooth scrolling experience.

A California-based company named The Cupertino has announced the launching date of the new iPhone in September. But not the exact date.

Journey of Portait mode

It is first installed in iPhone 7 plus in 2016 and became the first choice of iPhone lovers. This function has placed the object in a focused form and blurred the rest area. The Bokeh effect.

Now, Apple is going to add this Bokeh effect in its new phones in the category of video along with internally dubbed cinematic Video. For instance, The iPhone depth sensor will create the effect with still photos and they can change the blur effect after recording.



A new video-recording feature ProRes in the iPhone will allow users to click clips in a higher-quality format which gives editors more control during post-production.  ProRes will record in 4K resolution and either HD on the next iPhone devices.

The last year’s edition of ProRAW followed by the  ProRes feature a higher-quality still photo file format that gives professional editors more control. Like with ProRAW, the ProRes video recording may be exclusive to the pricier Pro models.

Hence, iPhone is coming again with booming new features of camera and video making.

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