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Introduction of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Televisions with screen sizes of 40-inch and 43-inch will be discounted by up to 50%. Large-screen TVs with 4K resolution, as well as projectors, will be discounted by as much as 60%. Amazon Echo smart speakers and smart displays will have their pricing slashed by up to 45 percent, while Fire TV devices will have their prices reduced by 44 percent. Refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwaves, and chimneys will all be discounted. But now Samsung has introduced Its new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Let’s go through the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Are there any differences in hardware?

The Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds are nearly identical, with the exception that the new edition comes in black, white, and light blue, whereas the original comes in black, white, yellow, and silver. The Buds Plus has the same creative appearance as the original, which is both functional and entertaining. Everything is the same, from the plastic structure to the silicone wing and ear tips. Both models come with three extra sets of sleeves and tips, making it easier for listeners to find the right fit. This feature not only improves comfort but also improves audio quality by shutting out extraneous noise passively.

The touch-capacitive screens on each headset may be remapped, and the sensitivity is the same on the old and new Galaxy Buds. With the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, automated ear recognition is still present: removing both earbuds immediately pauses media playback. Re-inserting the Buds Plus does not automatically resume playback; you must manually push play on your smartphone or tap an earpiece to resume music.

More details of Buds Plus

Wireless PowerShare has supported by the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Samsung Galaxy Buds. It allows charging the USB-C case wirelessly atop a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You can also charge the case with a Qi wireless charging mat, giving you a variety of alternatives for charging the pill-shaped case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The case has a glossy polish rather than a matte one.  This looked like a working button at first, but it’s merely a cosmetic alteration. Owners of the original Galaxy Buds who upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can charge both pairs of earbuds with either case. In other words, you can charge the older earbuds by placing them in the Plus case, and vice versa.

When picking between the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus models, neither aesthetic nor build quality should be a factor, and this one is too close to call.

What are the additional features of the Galaxy Buds Plus?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds now enable Spotify integration with the April 27, 2020 software update (version R170XXU0ATD2); Samsung is swaggering around dropping Spotify’s name like crazy, and for good reason: Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services globally.

Life of the battery (true wireless earbuds)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus have a longer playtime on their own than the Galaxy Buds (11.73 hours compared to 6.53 hours). In fact, the first-generation earphones had some of the best battery life of any truly wireless earbuds we’ve tested so far. The original Galaxy Buds‘ 6.53-hour playtime is still roughly two hours longer than the genuine wireless average.

Both headset cases charge the earbuds quickly, but the Buds Plus is more efficient: it takes just three minutes to charge for an hour of gameplay, whereas the Galaxy Buds take 15 minutes to charge for 1.7 hours.

The codecs supported by the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds are the same.

It’s no surprise that Samsung hasn’t included aptX support this time, as it continues to promote its own scalable codec. This works in the same way as Qualcomm’s aptX adaptive codec, which constantly negotiates connection strength and audio quality.

While it’s encouraging to see some competition in the high-quality codec market. The lack of aptX compatibility prevents non-Samsung Android users from enjoying high-quality music.

What about the Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung?

The Samsung Galaxy earpiece Live is a whole new form of the earphone. The first of its kind: the open-type fit combined with noise-canceling technology. Galaxy Buds Live is a direct competitor to Apple’s AirPods. The bean-shaped buds do not form a seal with the ear canal . Although the microphone quality is superior to that of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. The sound quality is adequate. 

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