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Honest review of Moto G9 Power budget phone

Moto G9

The Motorola brand always comes up with new ideas and styles. Most of the time it is famous for its G series. Although, this phone is a budget phone which comes with plenty of great features. Whereas, if we look into the old models of this series, Moto G 9 is more elegant and updated. The G series of Moto have Moto G9 and Moto G 5G which ruled the market. Moto has always been the attraction of the mobile world and this time it comes with its power pack Moto G 9 power. Another good news is it is going to launch in India soon.

Features of Moto G power phone

Firstly, the Price of this powerful phone is quite impressive as there are 2 prices and that is Rs11,999 and Rs10,999. It would be shocking for the market that a full-featured pack phone is at such a price. Is it a surprise ?. It is not only an updated phone but also called a pro-level phone of its own last model Moto G 9.

Design of Moto G 9 power

Moto G9

Honestly, Moto G9 power is very heavy and big this time. If we do a comparison with the old one then the old one would seem very small in front of the new one. A new styled camera is implemented with a unique style or resembling the I phone’s camera in a square shape. A button is placed on the left side of the phone for google assistant to assist.

Another thing which they need to improve is the finger sensor which is a bit higher than the reach of your fingers. This option they need to take care of. Its body is made up of plastic with a unique design with a metallic finish.

Moreover, the display of the Moto G 9 power is much brighter than the last model. Overall, Moto G 9 power is a good phone in all manners as the only thing they need to change is to take care of its weight. Its screen is not coming with Gorilla glass this time.

The phone is a little long which is somewhere difficult to handle. Like earlier phones, the Moto brand has a good name in batteries as well which can last for 2 days. Turbocharging is an excellent option that charges the phone within an hour. Its camera is giving such a good finished picture. Usually, the front camera is not good in many cases but this time Moto G9 power has proved to be unique in all manner.

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